Multi Shows Its True Colors

The Gelli mono-printing workshop at the Multi Arts Center was a huge success!  Lots of people are still talking about it, and some of the participants heard about our Book Arts Group and joined us the following Monday to continue the journey. More Book Arts members mean more Friends of Multi Arts, so everyone wins!  

The Gelli workshop was the first time Multi brought in an artist from the great beyond (well, actually, she was from OKC) and the class was full!  The artist, Kelley Walker, has posted photos of the happy participants on her blog, One January Day.  Click on the name to go directly to the post.  Thank you, Kelley!  You made a lot of people in Stillwater very happy.





2 thoughts on “Multi Shows Its True Colors

  1. Thank YOU!! It was an honor to teach such enthusiastic students in such a fantastic facility. I’m excited to explore your site and learn more about your group. Just wish I lived closer so I could join too ! 🙂


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